CMF ads closing in October 2011

Have you seen this widget lately?

This is one unfortunate event in the online industry. A network has to forcibly close its operations due to diminishing advertisers and sharp decline of site activities.

It’s true, CMF is closing SOON. Ben quoted saying…

For several months we have noticed a sharp decline in activity across the site. Many of our advertisers have simply stopped coming back.

We have had several attempts to bring the site back to life, such as Atomic Ads, but these have hardly been used. We have also noticed a big decrease in the amount of payments coming into the site. General site usage is also down.

There are always reasons for activity to decline, such as people going on holiday, having time off work or school, going back to work or school, going outside during the summer, and so on. However, there’s only so long you can come up with excuses. It’s reached the point where we can’t ignore it any longer.

Here are the timeline of what will happen or what is happening now with CMF:

September 16th: Add Funds option disabled. Add Blog option disabled.

September 18th: We will disable the ability to place new ads on this date. This will affect Campaigns, Network Ads, Fireworks, Atomic Ads and Spikes. Any running ads will have time to complete before the cut-off dates listed below.

September 25th: The current cash-out screen will be disabled. (We will provide a new way to cash out so we can do the last cash-outs in one big payment. More on this soon.)

October 23rd: Cut-off date for cash-out requests. Any funds that have not been cashed out at this stage will be lost.

October 23rd: Widgets and ads disabled.

Before October 30th: Final cash-out requests will be processed.

October 30th: Site closure.

* If you have outstanding balance with CMF, either spend it or cash out (cash-out limit is $5). Cash out requests for the current process will be honored until September 25, 2011 because they will be introducing new system for potentially large number of payment prior to the closure of the site. By then, all requests will be accepted until October 23, 2011.

Ben’s closing remarks:

We understand that this will come as a disappointment to many of you, particularly if you’ve supported us since the early days. We really appreciate your support and would not have lasted this long if it had not been for you. CMF Ads is closing because we feel it has reached the end of its life, and we don’t want to drag it out any further.