PAKYAW Black Bag promo: Win big!

Are you wondering what could be inside this bag? Same here! Hahaha!

If you’re a PAKYAW member, you will have a chance to win whatever inside the bag! It could be an out of town trip or a fabulous dinner at your favorite restaurant. But first, buy the Black Bag for P2,000 via credit card at the PAKYAW site.

If you’re not yet a member, visit and register. Fill the information needed, agree to terms and conditions, then check your email for verification.

Now, to participate in the Black Bag promo, here are the steps to follow:

1. Click on the Black Bag promo box on the upper right hand portion of the home page of Pakyaw, which will take you to the black bag deal page for that week.

2. To opt-in to participate in the promo for that given week, click the red “BUY” button. There is no cost to opt-in and the price on the deal page reads P0 (zero).

3. Once you click “BUY”, a thank you page will appear, confirming that you have opted-in to the promo. You will also receive an order confirmation in your “My Pakyaw” account.

4. In order to participate in each week’s black bag draw, members will have to repeat this process for opting-in for the chance to buy the bag each separate week.

This promo runs until August 21, 2011. Why not take the risk if you’re going to win big?