Search for Tang Galing Kids is on!

Hurray to all kids who can create refreshing and youthful change in their community.

At their young age, we can be proud of them as their greatness make a difference and become heroes themselves.

Now, Tang wants to celebrate kids’ greatness by awarding Tang Galing tiny tykes!

This is open to all organizations and can nominate a kid that they think is the best to qualify the search. An entry should be with a one-page story of the kid’s life and about the small ways the kid has made which could give inspirations to many.

Mail your official nominations to 5th P Advertising at 55-D Matahimik Street, Teacher’s Village, West Diliman, Quezon City. Entries can also be sent to with the subject Tang Galing Nomination Form.

Nominations will be accepted until August 6, 2011. The Seven Tang Galing Kids will be announced on August 23, 2011.

Prize at stake? P100,000 cash! It can be use to implement a project of the winning kid and organizations’ choice.

Little kids’ greatness can make them heroes as they make difference with Tang.

Tang fruitful power: Helping kids to stay alert and be active community members in their own delightful ways.