Welcome to my Multiply Online Shop

Some self-confessed impulsive buyer like me produced a lot of stuffs which are only stuck in the closet over the years. Most of them are already given away to relatives and friends. But only few months ago, I realized that I could sell them out. I am not really an expert in marketing but some friends in the blogosphere encouraged me to try it out. They recommended the Multiply Marketplace. I was surprised because I have an idle personal Multiply account (became my online diary) created several years ago and not aware that they are now into e-commerce. And setting up a shop is so easy!

Before I was selling pre-loved but with preserved quality items for babies, toddler and even adult’s apparel and shoes. It was tried and tested that an online marketplace is far more effective nowadays. But I decided to halt it for the meantime and focused on offering blog services. But soon enough, I will be adding more products here!

So, see my newly-named online shop, Blog Services! Come and please patronized it!

Why choosing Multiply?

1. Multiply has efficient advertising strategies. From the Multiple site itself, they promote sponsored links which is very useful for sellers and buyers.

2. Very easy payment options.

3. With different methods of shipping the products and services.

Know more how to set up your own online shop in Multiply and be guided by simply visiting their Frequently Asked Questions page. By the way, two of my favorite shops in Multiply are Xari-Xari store and IndigoBaby!

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