Jared’s Little Corner birthday giveaway!

Wow, Mommy Vix and her son, cutie Jared, will be celebrating birthdays this month. I also wonder how would they make that day special for both of them.

But I can relate when me and my daughter celebrated our birthdays in a very special way recently. And I would love to share it with Vix for the first time. I did not blog about it, since we don’t want to brag.

Just last week, to celebrate our birthdays, we simply share our blessings by giving away books and some school supplies in a public kindergarten school in Caloocan City. It is not much but we are really happy how young students appreciated it with their sweetest smile.

Most of all, my daughter had fun and learned a lot from that experience.

This is my official entry to Jared’s Little Corner Birthday Giveaway!

Vix and Jaredwould like to thank all the sponsors for making their giveaway possible:

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