Nita’s Random Thoughts’ 9th Wedding Anniversary giveaway

Rarely I encountered an anniversary giveaway contest like what Nita’s Random Thoughts is currently hosting. More than 20 participants could win! This is her way of thanksgiving for achieving a fruitful 9th Wedding Anniversary and celebrating the birthdays of their two kids.

Prizes at stake:

1st Prize: $60 cash, 125×125 ads, text links, EC credits, digital scrapbooking suite

2nd Prize: $50 cash, 125×125 ads, text links, EC credits

3rd Prize: $35 cash, 125×125 ads, text links, EC credits

4th Prize: $25 cash, 125×125 ads, text links, EC credits

5th Prize: $20 cash, 125×125 ads, text links, EC credits, 8sets of Thank You Cards

6th Prize: $15 cash, 125×125 ads, text links, EC credits

7th Prize: $10 cash, 125×125 ads, text links, EC credits

8th Prize: $10 cash, 125×125 ads, text links, EC credits

9th Prize: $5 cash, 125×125 ads, text links, EC credits

10th Prize: $5 cash, 125×125 ads, text links, EC credits

Consolations prizes includes the following:

5 winners of L.A. Colors eye shadow

3 winners of (dot) info domains

1 winner of NWT burgundy Nine West wallet

1 winner of Wallet/Makeup kit

1 winner of Arbonne Translucent Loose Setting Powder

1 winner of FREE 1-year hosting

Mechanics are easy:

1. Subscribe to email feeds.

2. Blog about the contest. Inclusion of the prizes and sponsors are required.

3. Share the giveaway on Digg, Stumble, Tweet and Delicious.

4. Follow @nita76 on Twitter.

Join this early as the contest will end on January 1, 2012 (Pacific Time).

This generous contest was made possible with the help of the following sponsors:

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