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24th January 2012

You may have seen and heard of testimonials that Proactiv Solution really works against acne. And maybe, you are still in doubt if you are not patronizing it already. But did you know that pop rocker Avril Lavigne herself experienced the effectiveness of Proactiv? Lavigne had suffered from breakouts before…

1st October 2011

Now your skin can be more well taken care of and protected with the new products in Proactiv Solution . Insecurities and cries over acne or skin problems no more! I highly recommend it with my friends, especially for Tina, who unfortunately had inferiority complex because of her acne problem….

17th May 2011

Lucky are those people who are gifted with good genes who do not have to contend with acne or any other skin problems. For the rest of us, though, the hunt is on for the next best product to solve all our skin woes. A friend of mine lamented that…