Protect your gadgets with Otterbox

You bought the latest gadget in town. Of course, they are expensive but you love to own the most updated and useful gadget.

Then, all of a sudden it accidentally fell into the floor, or worst, into the water. Ouch!

If you happen to have little kids at home who love to play with your things like your Ipad or cellular phone, then threw it away, ouch!

Don’t you know that you could have the assured and quality protection for your gadgets?


Choose from any of their series, depending on your cellular phone or other gadget protection needs.

Defender series

Rugged and essential, the Defender Series is the workhorse protective case for your smart phone.

Reflex series

Compact, lightweight and revolutionary. The Reflex Series utilizes rule-bending technology similar to the crumple zone of a car.

Commuter series

Keep your phone safe and sound everyday, especially when you’re on the go.

Impact series

Protect your phone from any collision.

If ever that there’s no available from the series mentioned above for your cellular phone, don’t worry, get the Waterproof series—the ultimate protection for your gadgets!!

Go get your gadgets the best protection. Visit to know where to find their stores.

In doubt? Watch this!

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