Rain or shine: Sun block is a must

It may be rainy season now but since the weather is so unpredictable, you will never know when the sizzling sun will come out. It’s a good move to always protect your skin, whatever the season is.

I recently visited my derma consultant. I was back on field duty again and I expect to be more vulnerable to much sun and dust exposure causing skin problems.

My derma simply told me to regularly use sun block facial and body lotion, whether it raining or not. Sun block is not just for sun protection. Even the sun is hiding, the humidity can still cause burn and dryness and eventually skin ageing.

Good thing I am frequently using skincare products which helps me prevent wrinkles. And just the body skin should be protected, lip care  is also a must.

Sunblock lotions can be expensive but you can save a lot from other interventions.

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