Triumph 125th Anniversary Fashion Show

It was a successful 125 years for Triumph International. The company has proven through the years that it can be the best line of lingerie for every woman.

Last night, Triumph International celebrated its anniversary with a wonderful fashion show from their finest seductive lingerie, proving that it can be the best choice and most fit in every woman shapes.

And before the fashion show ends, viewers were surprised to see what actress Ruffa Gutierrez wears that night. It was rumored before that she’s going to wear two-piece for the show, but then, she dressed a real seductive and stylish outfit.

Triumph History:

In 1886, it was the corsetier Johann Gottfried Spiesshofer and the merchant Michael Braun founded a corsetry firm and with only six sewing machines and six employees, they begin their production in a barn in Heuback, Germany. The two believed that every woman wants to look like Empress so they make royal lacing.

Spiesshofer and Braun came up with a memorable brand name and with the inspiration by the Paris Arc de Triomphe, a name Triumph was born in 1902. And the company quickly became the leading lingerie manufacturer in Europe.

Today, Triumph International continues to explore more designs that could give not just the luxurious look but more comfort for women and men.

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