The Coffee Chic Giveaway: Cash, movie passes and gift certificates!

A coffee addict like me is currently hosting an exciting giveaway! This is her way of appreciating how contented she’s now with her blog- I Am The Coffee Chic.

There will be five (5) winners:

* 2 Robinsons Movie Passes

* 1 Php 500 Bon Appetea Gift Certificates

* $10 Paypal Cash

* $5 Paypal Cash

To give you the idea of the mechanics, here are they:

1. Add I Am The Coffee Chic on Google +.

2. Follow the I Am The Coffee Chic on Facebook.

3. Follow @heyimalgene and @ipoeticheart on Twitter.

4. Follow the blog on Google Friend Connect

5. Email subscription.

6. Networkedblogs follow.

Now, visit the contest page to join! Ends November 30, 2011.