A handy power tube for mobile phones and iPad

For people who are always on the go like travelers, field workers, especially for businessmen, media personalities and other professionals, getting battery drained at the height of your work is so frustrating!

I felt helpless when I always got disconnected from the world when my mobile phone batteries ran out of charge. Fear of missing out emergency calls or texts or if I, myself, was struck on trouble and I don’t have any communication means to ask for augmentation, made me disoriented, sometimes.

But when I have received this gift from a good friend, I never ran out of battery charge, so far.

This power tube works for me very well. It can be connected to different mobile phones like iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry, LG, HTC, Sony Ericsson, Nokia and Motorolla. It is also made for iPod and iPad.

Easy to carry, easy to charge. You can even charge this on your laptop or PC using USB port, so it’s an energy saver too. It is like a handy generator for my mobile phones.

Tags: iPad, iPhone, iPod, power tube