Google’s multiple sign-in

I am one of those who are tired of signing-in and out or opening up a different browser to check all my Gmail accounts and other Google products like Google+ and YouTube at the same time.

When checking my daily emails, I needed to open my all my accounts one at a time. Why do I have too many Gmail accounts? Because I organized my messages well to prevent me from missing any important email and I am obsessed to clean Inbox. Lol.

An innovation from Google can give me more convenience in my online transactions and businesses.

How to use multiple sign-in?

* Sign-in to any Google product that support multiple sign-in enabled (Alerts, Calendar, Code, Docs, Finance, Gmail, Google+, Google Moderator, Groups, iGoogle, Maps, News, Profiles, Reader, Sites, Voice, Web Search, YouTube).

* Click your name or email address at the top of the page.

* Click Add account from the drop-down menu.

* On the page that opens, enter the email address and password for another account you wish to access, and click Sign in.

* Once you’re signed in to more than one account in the same browser, you can easily switch accounts in the same tab. Just click your name or email address at the top, select Switch Account, and click on the email address you’d like to sign in to.

Multiple Sign-In Features:

* You can access different Google products up to 10 accounts in the same browser.

* The first account you use to sign in will be your default account for the rest of the session

* If visiting other Google products that do not support multiple sign-in, you will be automatically sign-in to your default account for that product.

* When you sign-out of any Google product, all of your accounts will also be signed-out.

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