Hot Fun Stuffs and Firmoo eyeglasses giveaway winners

I intentionally chose Easter Sunday to announce the long list of our winners for the FIRMOO Optical Store eye glasses giveaway! The contest ran only for one week and another week to verify all entries (Pardon me, I halted during our vacation days )

The twenty (20) winners were chosen in random, using Rafflecopter and the result was powered by By the way, I just can’t help but to mention, some of the contestants just submitted entries but they did not actually do the tasks. How unfortunate, you missed your chance to win!

The winners will be emailed and given at least 48 hours to reply. If your prescription is not ready yet, let me know by replying on my message. I hope that everyone who joined but failed to win this time, would not unfolllow us. Don’t worry, there will be more giveaways coming!! So keep updated! And this goes the same with the winners.

Now, to see the 20 lucky contestants to win either an eyeglass with prescription or a regular sunshades of their choice from Firmoo, visit the CONTEST PAGE.

Thank you so much for joining!

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