The New Twitter

I am not so Twitter savvy, but I got two accounts! Hahaha!

Recently, Twitter introduced its new interface. I’ve got positive and negative feedbacks about this development.

Some would commend the neat and easy to browse layout, others find it confusing. Well, that is how people reacts on changes. Eventually, they will get used to it.

However, Twitter must have at least give its members a chance to choose if they want the new or retain the old interface as what Facebook offers.

See the new interface. I don’t find it complicated but rather smooth browsing. Having a separate column for the tweets is well organized.

Click photo to magnify.

Clicking the @Connect tab will bring you to another page where you can see the Interactions (who followed you and replies) and Mentions of your Twitter handle.

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At the #Discover tab, learn new stories featured on Twitter, suggestions for new follow, and Twitter friends’ activities.

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In the future, more developments on Twitter are expected.