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Perhaps your remember how much C loves learning other languages. So far, we’ve gone through Greek, Spanish, and Urdu, with a little French thrown in. C then decides he wants to learn Chinese. What is he thinking? Chinese is so hard!

But I soon discovered that learning Chinese could be simple with Lightning-Fast Chinese for Kids and Families by Carolyn Woods. Lightning-Fast is a program that immerses you in a language as you go about your day.

I do have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about learning Chinese from a book. But when I opened to the first page, I was delighted! Carolyn has written out the pronunciations for each letter phonetically. It reminds me of the years I took voice and my teacher would write out the sounds of the Italian and German letters. The only thing I found difficult was the tones as I had nothing to compare them to.

C wanted to go straight to the section title “My toys.” He was very excited to learn the phrase zhao huo che, which means the train–something he loves very much. I’m sure he’d also enjoy the section titled “Want to play?” W is not into languages that much, so she wasn’t hanging around us as we read the book.

If you want to learn Chinese or teach it to your child, Lightning-Fast Chinese for Kids and Families can be found on You can also find other language books by Carolyn Woods: Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Japanese.

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