Get Exciting Cash Rewards On Products Sharing and Online Shopping!

Who doesn’t love shopping? Whether you buy something worth of your money or just looking for something you will purchase soon, shopping can be a stress reliever, especially for women!

Nowadays, shopping doesn’t need for you to make an extra effort going to the malls, wait for the long line at the cashier and bring those items at home. There are online shopping stores that you can search for the products you need.

But among those online stores, I have found one that really made me feel enjoy shopping more!

Shopcade is a social shopping application on Facebook that connects people to shop and recommend products together and get rewarded for it. You can shop trending products recommended by your friends and people you trust, as well as become a trendsetter by recommending products you love. Whenever you buy via other Shopcades or others buy via yours, you both get rewarded (O, with real cash!).

View more about Shopcade on this INTRODUCTION Video.

See how rewarding it can be while you’re doing the thing you enjoy?

I love adding products on my shop boards! Sometimes I forgot that I have already consumed long hours just checking on the awesome deals and discounts the Shopcade offers. You will never get bored on shopping with Shopcade! Joining Shopcade is totally FREE!!


Now, wanna win cash? Since Shopcade both rewarded the buyer and the sharer of products, we can both win on their contest!

I am aiming to win $100 from Shopcade so I am pursuing this to buy any from my Jewelry Wish. And YOU can also WIN $50 by just commenting on my FASHION BOARD! You must have a Facebook account to comment!

Click the photo below to see the instructions on how your entry can be qualified!

REMEMBER: A simple comment on my shop boards can give you a great chance of winning $50! So easy, right?