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Posted by HotFunStuffs on Dec 9, 2012 in Campaigns, Social Events | 8 comments

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You must be bored in looking at your email everyday. While checking your inboxes for important messages, sometimes you’ll smile or laugh or even cry and get angry or frustrated. But why not put something on your email account to get you more inspired. Especially to clean your emails from thousand spams! Here’s a fun way to do it! 1. Open your email account. 2. At the upper right corner, below your account name, you will see the settings icon. Then click Themes. See photo below. 3. There Read more […] Read More

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THREE KINGS DAY Giveaway (Total Value – $500) !

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I always believe in fairies! Reading stories and watching movies involving fairies are my very best stress relievers! Since childhood, fairies like Tinkerbell and her friends Silvermist, Iridessa, Fawn and Rosetta never fail to amaze me, and now, they did it with my little daughter! And there’s another magical creature that has been crazily talking about in the online world recently. Fairy Hobmother! Some may have doubted him, but he is true and just actually visited my blog and sent me an Amazon Read more […] Read More

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