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When you mention the word ‘casino’ most people immediately think of Las Vegas, so it often comes as a surprise to them when they are told that gambling actually has its roots in Europe. Contrary to some people’s belief, poker was not born in Texas, so while America is a massive influence on UK casino culture, our European inheritance cannot be ignored.   Europe has a history of gambling that goes back hundreds and hundreds of years. There are many disagreements over its true origins; Read more […] Read More

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We all know that sophistication—whether in architecture or  infrastructure design, fashion, jewelry, and now even in IT products—more often comes with a steep price that would make anyone’s wallet cry with disbelief. But Acer, one of the world’s most trusted brands when it comes to innovative IT devices, sophistication for your IT device, whether a desktop or a notebook, is now made affordable and wallet-friendly. Featuring impressive and top-of-class machine performance and stunning Read more […] Read More

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The iPad isn’t just a cool way to read your e-books or to play Angry Birds. It can be used as a sophisticated tool to run your small business. There are a number of applications and tools that can help you manage customer relationships, marketing, finances, sales, and more. One of the best tools the iPad offers small businesses is the iPad POS system, which turns your tablet into a fully functional point-of-sale machine. Here are 3 advantages to using the iPad POS system for your small business: Read more […] Read More

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Witness and experience the extraordinary as tech pioneer Acer announces the arrival of a sleek new 23-inch LED-backlit monitor: the Acer P238HL Olympic Games Edition. With its dazzling HD visuals, elegant space-saving design, full digital connectivity, and energy-efficient display, the special-edition P238HL reflects Acer’s commitment to design excellence and technological innovation. It also carries the spirit of the world’s greatest sporting event, the Olympic Games, of which Acer is a Worldwide Read more […] Read More

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MEDICOL ADVANCE with IBUFLUID, one of the fastest medications for relieving severe pain, has introduced the said to be one of the country’s first Augmented Reality games of its kind: TAPOUT PAIN. TAPOUT PAIN is part of MEDICOL ADVANCE’s  way of giving more online rewards for progressive, tech-savvy young adults, especially those who patronizes the product. Quite challenging, TAPOUT PAIN is nevertheless intuitively simple to play. Using their PCs, tablets or Androids, users must rely on their Read more […] Read More

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Camo bedding brings to mind the typical green and brown, which may not seem like an appealing color scheme for decorating a bedroom when it comes to comforters and bedspreads. However, camouflage is no longer only the pattern of choice for hunters and soldiers. Camouflage often decks out little boys’ or big boys’ rooms, and pink, nontraditional camouflage is becoming a popular choice for girls as well. Regardless of age or gender, camo linens offer something for everyone in the family. Hunting Read more […] Read More