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If you love shopping and sharing your opinions (and who doesn’t love at least one of those things?!), getting paid to indulge in both activities would surely be a dream come true. If you have the gift of the gab and an urge to shop, becoming a mystery shopper might be the ideal way to make a little extra income and indulge in a couple of activities that also give you pleasure. In the present economy, with many people looking for ways to squeeze a little extra out of already stretched budgets, sites Read more […] Read More

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Every year, we celebrate our birthday as a thanksgiving that we were given another year to live. Our birthday is the only day that we can proudly claim to be ours. Birthdays are considered to be one of the most important days of people’s life. Sometimes, whenever a close friend or an immediate relative would forget to greet us on that day, we get upset and would teasingly demand for a wonderful present as a punishment. If you’re planning to make a certain person happy, make use of his or her Read more […] Read More

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Who doesn’t love shopping? Whether you buy something worth of your money or just looking for something you will purchase soon, shopping can be a stress reliever, especially for women! Nowadays, shopping doesn’t need for you to make an extra effort going to the malls, wait for the long line at the cashier and bring those items at home. There are online shopping stores that you can search for the products you need. But among those online stores, I have found one that really made me feel enjoy Read more […] Read More