10DollarMall: Buy Quality Items You Love With $10 or Less!

Having no enough budget should not hinder your shopping desire. Being fashionable doesn’t need to be expensive. Would you believe that with $10, you can get a quality dress with accessories and a make-up?

See? The total of the items below is only $7.97 plus the cost of courtesy shipping of $1.99.

Everything $10 or Less!

10DollarMall.com sets out to provide quality products all under $10. They search to get the best deals on close-outs, overstocks, surplus, clearance items and other “Special Connections and all to pass the savings on to their customers.

They have a variety of choices on clothes, dresses, shoes, bags and accessories. Not just for women, but they have items for men and kids too!

The Shopping Experience

It took me several hours to shop online and find items that I could get with my $60. Why? Because there are so many choices and as much as I want to buy them all, I need to limit myself with the budget I have! So, I shopped based on what I need most.

In the end, I purchased 7 items, including the courtesy shipping cost of $5.39 or the 10% of the amount of my order.

I bought these for my little daughter!

(Left)Black Dress With Lavender Attached Belt Price:  $9.99 MSRP $26.99
(Right) Green And Pink Flowered Halter Top Dress Price:  $9.99 MSRP $21.99

And for me, here are they!

Black Long Dress spaghetti sleeve U Silver Opening In Front Price:  $9.99 MSRP $49.99

Orchid Criss Cross Dress Price:  $9.99 MSRP $25.99

Red And Black Belted Coat Price:  $9.99 MSRP $45.99

Gold Beaded Flower Necklace Set Price:  $1.99 MSRP $6.99

Gold Flower Ring Price:  $1.99 MSRP $7.99

I was challenged in shopping at 10DollarMall but that’s the best part of it! Now your turn to hunt for the best pieces you love to own! There are many choices but you have to hurry because they might ran out of stock or sizes!

Happy shopping!