Tales From The Continent – Hot Fun Stuffs

When you mention the word ‘casino’ most people immediately think of Las Vegas, so it often comes as a surprise to them when they are told that gambling actually has its roots in Europe. Contrary to some people’s belief, poker was not born in Texas, so while America is a massive influence on UK casino culture, our European inheritance cannot be ignored.

Europe has a history of gambling that goes back hundreds and hundreds of years. There are many disagreements over its true origins; some say the sport was an invention of the English Crusaders; others claim it for the clergymen and the bishops; while others still insist that gambling actually finds its roots in Asia and the Arab world; there is even evidence of ancient man playing a primitive dice game with the knuckle bones of animals. What is certain is that most of the casino games that we recognize today can be traced back to Europe – craps, poker, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, even bingo – and if the true origins of gambling are hard to pin down, the sport’s journey from enjoyable pastime to multibillion-pound industry is easier to trace.

When the English came to the New World they brought gambling culture with them and, although the sport was outlawed by the country’s Puritan leaders initially, over time the laws became relaxed and it wasn’t long before gambling really took off. Americans are naturally suited to casino culture; they are self-professed optimists who believe anything can be made into a money spinner if approached in the right manner. It is no surprise then, that as America steadily grew to become the number one super power in the world, so too did its taste for gambling. Taking its cue from the ridottos of Venice and the gambling dens of London, America gave birth to the modern casino.

And where America goes the rest of the world will follow; now the UK even has its own imitation Las Vegas – although Blackpool is still a far cry from being able to compete for the title of number one gambling city in the world!

But casinos live with their time, and this past decade was the golden age for online casinos, if you don’t go to Vegas, Vegas will come to you, in your living room, during a break at work, no need to go to a casino to play your favourite games anymore. Moreover, with the new generation of mobile friendly casinos like www.luckynuggetcasino.com you don’t even need to be on your computer anymore, you can play on your mobile or your tablet from anywhere at anytime.