Baroni Designs’ New Beginnings Necklace Review

Every day is a new beginning. We all have many things to celebrate even if we’re facing difficulties. Life is full of mysteries also and it’s a challenge to everyone to unfold them and make use of it for any good endeavor.

In my search on jewelry and accessories that could send me an inspiration, I have found Baroni’s New Beginnings Necklace.

It is said to deflect negativity. This beaded pyrite necklace and sacred Om symbol are offset beautifully by a brilliant piece of Chrysoprase and it’s 24K gold plate over sterling silver.

Baroni Designs and it’s designer Sarah Baroni were generous enough to send me this necklace for review and my heart beat fast for this beautiful piece. I am sensitive to jewelries. I made sure that they are all authentic or I’ll get allergy in the end. But did passed to my so-called “allergy test.”

The necklace is perfect for all occasions, you can wear with your casual clothes or formal dress!

The New Beginnings Necklace is part of the Emerald Forest Handmade Jewelry by Baroni.

Since green is the color for 2013, they have made this collection, also for their very own Humboldt County. Green is the color of life, of mystery and renewal, of deep soul nurturing. Baroni designs simply love the newness, freshness and variety of this palette. This collection features natural rutilated quartz, chrysoprase and turquoise hung from an array of chains.