Fairy Hobmother’s Timely Visit For Mother’s Day – Hot Fun Stuffs

Wishes do come true. Some might not came into reality but that should not stop you from pursuing it.

This coming Mother’s Day, I planned to surprise my Mom with her wish! But I was surprised too when I’ve got an email from Fairy HobMother!

I’m the Fairy Hobmother, spreading light and joy across the blogosphere!

I saw a comment you left on a post about me and followed it back to your blog. It’s clear that you work very hard on it, and I think that your hard work deserves to be rewarded. I’d like to send you a gift in the form of a voucher for Amazon to have a little fun with.

Wow! Fairy Hobmother’s message was very timely! I was actually browsing Amazon deals for Mother’s Day! What a great coincidence and a gift! He is truly sending happiness in the blogosphere!

If you’re a blogger, you can be visited by Fairy Hobmother too! Just like what I did – left a comment on this post and make sure you leave your email address and blog link. He surely visit blogs!

Start writing your comment now!