Kids Wall Stickers by Dezign With a Z

Decorating a child’s room is always a fun project to undertake.  In these busy times, however, not all parents have the time to strip down the finish of their existing walls, repaint, and then manually paint their chosen designs on the walls.

It is for this reason that wall decals have been a welcome development in interior decorating.  If you’re looking for wall decals to spiff up any room in your house, there are different designs that you can choose from at Dezign with a Z.

The Playful Panda decal growth chart that I got from this online store is still in its packaging.  I can’t wait to put it on one of the walls in the playroom.  I really cannot decide just yet on where to put it.  There are other animal décor in the room and so this wall decal will surely fit right in.  I’m devoting the next weekend for this project.

In the meantime, I can plan out the decorative changes that I want to do.  I wanted to get some ideas on what to do with my wall decals so I went to the Dezign with a Z website. Although the decals are adorable, my first concern is how easy it would be for me to install it and take it off later when my child outgrows it.  Their website says the stickers can be put on without much time or effort and it can just as easily be peeled off your walls without leaving any marks or damaging your walls.

As I was browsing further, I had some fun with the “Preview it on Your Wall” feature of the website.  I did not have to go to the playroom and hold the decal up to see how it would look on the walls.  The preview window on the site allowed me to choose my existing wall paint color and see how the decal will look against it.  I even found a matching clock decal for my Playful Panda set.  I think I’ll go ahead and place an order for the clock decal and the borders decal to pull the entire look together.

Ordering Dezign With a Z wall decals and stickers is not a problem they ship worldwide.  You might want to look through their gallery of designs to see if they have something that you can deck your walls with.

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