Sleep In Comfort On Your Cariloha Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo might not sound like a material that could be used to make bed linen.  It is more often associated with room dividers, walls, roofing, and furniture in tropical themed interiors.

But when I have received a Cariloha bamboo bed linen, it was surprisingly soft and silky to touch. I had to spend the afternoon stripping my sheets off my bed, fluffing my pillows, and putting on my new bamboo bed linen.  I went on with my night time routine and eagerly anticipated bedtime.

As I slid my tired body on my bed and laid my head on my pillow, I felt the difference in terms of the texture of my bamboo linen.  The bamboo fabric felt silky soft – even softer than cotton.  It was really the most comfortable bedding I have ever slept on in my lifetime.  I slept soundly and comfortably.  I could not help but read up more about this innovative bedding fabric after breakfast the next day.

Here’s what I found:

Cariloha bamboo fabric is actually softer than Egyptian cotton.  Even with this kind of silky softness, this fabric is not difficult to maintain as you can easily throw it in the wash.  But, it is not recommended to use bleach or fabric softener.

Bamboo fabric is hypo-allergenic.  It does not have fibers, pollen, or any particles that could cause allergies whether dermal or respiratory.  This material is also naturally anti-bacterial.  It is also cool as it has moisture wicking properties.

This innovative fabric is environmentally friendly.  It is sustainable and renewable.  The use of this fabric is not confined to bed linen alone.  Its manufacturers also have product lines for apparel, bath goods, bags, and accessories entirely made of bamboo.

With my Cariloha bed sheet set in ivory, I now sleep like a queen every night – I might just decide to get myself another set to alternate with the one I have now.

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