Tag-along Convertible Bag And Flip Flops For On-the-Go Convenience

Switch from stilettos to flip-flops on-the-run to give your feet some rest after a night of partying.  Stash your shoes and purse into the companion bag and you’re good to go on a relaxing trip home.  This is the kind of convenience offered by the Cooei companion bag and flips tandem.

The threesome of shoulder bag, clutch, and flip-flops all conveniently pack into one handy rectangular package that you can easily carry.  It was really amazing the first time I saw it.

The Cooei companion bag and flips were designed and manufactured with the needs of women on-the-go in mind.  There are just times when you have to wear shoes that are beautiful to look at but feel quite agonizing on your feet.

Instead of carrying a shoe bag with another pair of more comfortable shoes, you can carry your pair of flip-flops in an inconspicuous little package.  The nylon companion bag easily folds into a chic clutch that can hold your flip-flops.  When you need to switch shoes, you can simply whip your flip-flops out, convert the bag into a shoulder bag, and then put your other shoe in.  This is actually what makes this different from other foldable or rollable footwear in the market today.  Most of these only come in their own convenient little pouch.  High heels or any other type of footwear would not fit in these pouches, and women are often stumped as to how to carry their high heels.  With this companion bag and flips tandem, there is no need to worry about this problem at all.

Small and unassuming as this package may seem, there is nothing flimsy about its components.  The shoulder bag, clutch, and flip-flops are all made of the best materials and have quality workmanship.

I think my black companion bag and flips set will last me for quite some time.  If you are wondering how this works, you can simply watch their informative yet entertaining video and you will surely be amazed. I checked it out on the net and saw a really great video that shows how everything works.  After you see it, you will want to have your own set too.

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