Teton Rolling Suitcase: A Durable Travelling Companion

Even if people say that it’s the destination that counts in making vacations enjoyable, the little things that seem to be trivial can actually affect your trip.  This could include like an annoying passenger beside you on the plane or having a rickety car rental when you get to your destination.

These are often not within your control; but, there are things that you can take care off to minimize the chances of your trip being dampened by something unexpected.  You might not think anything of it but a durable travel bag is one that you have to pay attention to also.  Just imagine having to lug around a bag that is too heavy even if it does not contain much.  You also do not want to deal with lost items because of a gash or a malfunctioning zipper on your bag.  These are not problems you will have to deal with when you have the Adventurer Rolling Travel Duffle from Teton Sports.

I really could not help but be excited when I got this bag.  But, I must admit that my excitement is more about planning the travel that I will take my new suitcase to.  On the outside, it does look quite sturdy.  It is a black rolling suitcase that has a freestanding frame.  Its body is made of ballistic-grade material fabric overlays that are stitched in layers.  There is also a strong polyethylene inner frame that reinforces this bag’s structure.

The first thing that I tried were the zippers – of course, I would have to open the compartments up to see what’s inside.  I was happy to find that the no-snag zippers slide smoothly both ways.  Once I was satisfied with what I saw, I closed the suitcase up and tested the wheels. The two integrated wheels rolled on the floor easily.  I even tried taking it up and down the stairs and through carpeted flooring.  It was fun playing with it, but I knew that the real test is when I take it out on one of my travels.

Watch more about this rolling travel partner on their YouTube video.

Perhaps one down side I can see in this product is that it is not all that versatile.  It’s a great weekender but the size is quite in-between, smaller than a regular suitcase but bigger than your ordinary backpack or duffle bag.  However, with what I had in mind for it, it’s just perfect for my needs.  I really can’t wait to try it out! Perhaps it’s time to book that weekend out-of-town trip I’ve been meaning to have.

If you are an avid traveller like me, you can check this Adventurer Rolling Travel Duffle at Amazon and at Sportsman’s Warehouse.  You can also get this item for free when you join Teton Sports’ monthly giveaways.  Find out more when you visit them at Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.