Changing The Background Of Your Gmail Account

You must be bored in looking at your email everyday. While checking your inboxes for important messages, sometimes you’ll smile or laugh or even cry and get angry or frustrated.

But why not put something on your email account to get you more inspired. Especially to clean your emails from thousand spams!

Here’s a fun way to do it!

1. Open your email account.

2. At the upper right corner, below your account name, you will see the settings icon. Then click Themes. See photo below.

3. There are several themes that you can choose. There are color themes, HD themes, classic themes but this time we will use custom themes. If you prefer the light background, the excess space is grey and if dark, the excess space is black.

4. After clicking Dark, choose how you will upload the customized background and the image that you’ll use. I preferred to upload a photo from my computer.

5. Refresh the page and viola! You have an inspiring email account background!

Isn’t a stress reliever too?