Money Saving Tips for Spring and $500 Cash Giveaway!

It’s Spring time! Flowers are abloom, streams are flowing and the air is comfortably warm. Most of us are now looking forward to seeing fields bursting with wonderful colors from spring flowers and the warmer summer months. What many do not always look forward to is spring cleaning and sweating it out while we sort those that we should keep and those that should have long been discarded.

Perhaps knowing that you can earn cash from things that you no longer need could make you look forward to spring cleaning. Wardrobe from last season, winter equipment, even books, CDs, DVDs can be sold. The money that you can get from selling all these stuff can be used to purchase new ones you need for spring and summer.

Here are some ways to rake in some cash from your spring clean-out:

Hold a yard sale. Things you have no use for may still be of use to others in your neighborhood. Select a good warm weekend to hold your yard sale so the entire family can help out in manning the yard. Prior to the yard sale, you may send out flyers to spread the word so you’d have more potential buyers on the day itself. Make sure you put a tag on all the items before the sale starts.

Sell them online. This is the easiest way to sell your stuff but may not have as fast a turnaround as a yard sale. What you can do is hold a yard sale then sell those that have not been bought. Some sites you can sell your pre-loved stuff are eBay, Craigslist, and Amazon. You may even opt to offer free shipping coupons to attract more buyers.

Go to an auction. Collectibles and antiques can be taken to an auction or to a dealer who may have more idea of the actual value of the item. Just be careful of unscrupulous ones who may take advantage and give you an unreasonable price for your valuables.

Bargain at a pawnshop. Another option for selling unusual items, collectibles or antiques is bargaining at a pawnshop. However, you need to be very good at bargaining as those in a pawnshop would try to buy items at the lowest price they can so they can get more profit out of selling them.

Spring cleaning may not be an enjoyable activity for some but it can be a fruitful venture for everyone. Aside from making your wallet abloom with cash, selling your spring clean-outs also keeps stuff away from the landfills and can assure us of many more spring times in the future.

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