Gentle Ear Cleaning with WaxVac

Our body naturally produces earwax which traps dust and other particles to prevent them from reaching the eardrum.   The wax normally falls out of the ear together with any trapped dust.  However, there are some that produces excessive ear wax or have small ear canals that prevent wax from falling out on its own.  This can lead to wax impactions so regular ear cleaning is necessary to prevent impaction.

The most common method of cleaning the ears is by using cotton buds or tips to remove the wax and trapped dust. Though a common practice, this method does more harm than good. Instead of getting the wax out, the cotton buds tend to push the wax deeper into the ear canal where the wax hardens.  Others opt for ear candling but this also may damage your ears if done improperly.

To solve our ear cleaning problems, I’m trying out a new method that promises to be safe, gentle and effective.  The WAXVAC Ear Cleaner is a handy vacuum specially designed to provide gentle suction to draw out dirt particles from the ear.  It comes with a Safety Guard, 8 Color-Coded Silicone Tips and 1 Cleaning Brush.  The ear cleaner itself also features an examining light on its tips.

A silicone tip is inserted into the WAXVAC Ear Cleaner which is then inserted into the ear.  The safety guard ensures that the device is not inserted too deeply into the ear canal making it safe to use. As the ear cleaner is switched on, dried wax and trapped dust and debris are gently and effectively suctioned out.  The tips come in four different colors so each member of the family can have his own tip for hygienic purposes.  After cleaning your ears, use the included cleaning brush to clean the screen of the ear cleaner device.

The WAXVAC Ear Cleaner is an innovative way to safely clean your ears.  It should not be used by those with perforated eardrums though so do ask your physician first before using the WaxVac.

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