Hip Posy Lane Toddler Backpacks Make A Splash At The Play Yard!

Your little one does not have to be stuck with boring backpacks in materials that are sturdy but not exactly kid-friendly.  Many of the bags and backpacks in the market are made of rough material that might not be comfortable for your little one to use.

I found a great alternative in the Stephen Joseph quilted toddler backpack by Posy Lane.  We got the one with sports theme for my little boy.  It was exciting to learned that there is an option for personalization.  You can have your kid’s name embroidered right across the flap – I can just imagine my son beaming with pride as he puts his unique personalized quilted backpack in his cubby hole this coming school year.

Stephen Joseph backpacks are just the right size for toddlers and school-age kids at 11” x 13”.  This is just the right size for their lunch bag, water bottle, and maybe an extra shirt.  The one I got is dominantly blue and red – the perfect choice of colors for active little boys.  On the front of the backpack’s body is an embroidered baseball bat and ball design.  It has comfortable yet durable shoulder straps that can be adjusted by shifting the buttons on the button holes.  These straps won’t bite into your child’s shoulders.

There are different designs in this collection, totaling about 40 designs all featured in their online catalog.  All are made out of quilted cotton and have flaps with a magnetic snap.  The online order form makes it easy for you to specify your personalization preferences.  This online retailer takes pride in the quality of their bag construction as well as the stitching of their embroidery.

Aside from backpacks, I found out that they also have other products like the Stephen Joseph nap mats, lunch totes, and duffle bags.  These products are even jazzed up with accessories like colored zippers, keychains, and matching items like hats and sunglasses.

This backpack is not only good for use in school.  My little one loves it so much that he lugs it around everywhere.  We even use it to carry his stuff during our regular weekenders.  With such versatility, I cannot think of any other backpack my son ever owned that has gotten this much use – and it still looks like it just came out of the package with not a stitch out of place.