Zip Up Into New Shoes with Zipz Shoes

It’s an unlikely design for me, but understandably so because it’s really a pair of men’s shoes.

The Zipz Shoes I got as a sample for review is intended for my dad.  These Zipz Interchangeable Shoes will definitely be a hip addition to my dad’s shoe closet.  These are innovative shoes that are quite unique.  It is actually the only brand with this design technology.

It comes with a rubber sole and several canvas top options that zips right on the sole.  This gives you several shoe styles that you can have without buying several pairs.  For as long as you have the sole, you can simply buy your choice of top designs that you can easily zip on and off your soles to have a new pair to wear with your outfit. It’s great for travelling too because you do not have to bring several pairs of shoes with you.  Packing the different tops in your suitcase weighs a lot less.

The pair of Zipz shoes that we got is the Army Camo Shoe design. It comes with high top, low top, and slip on options. Even though it was not for me, I opened up the package to see how it works. The sole looks durable enough.  I zipped up the top and the YKK zipper did not give me a hard time.  I had some doubts about how the zipper would hold up since it would be quite embarrassing to have the sole come off while you are strutting down the street.

I actually slipped the shoes on even if they do not fit me.  They are lightweight and comfortable to wear.  I tried walking in them and it felt alright, plus, the zippers did feel like they would hold up even on a light jog.  I’m sure my dad will be happy to get this. I just have to give him styling tips on what to wear with his Zipz Army Camo shoes.

Watch a video about how Zipz shoes really work.

Find Zipz shoes in their retail store in Orange, California.  They also have an online store where you can see the available designs, both for men and women and place your orders.  You can also get updates on this innovative shoe brand and when they will be coming to the retail stores in your area.

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