Supercard DSTWO: Multifunctional 2nd Generation Flashcard

Today DSTWO is the next generation flashcard and SuperTeam had been working for almost a year to come up with this technology. Today it has not only incorporated the benefits of DSONE to provide some extra functions. You can combine its advantage with DSiplayer that operates HD movies and tunes. It will hold high amount and exceptional purpose to play media and film games.

Supercard DSTWO is the successor of SupercardDSonei. This is second in line and has a powerful built-in CPU fixed into the cartridge. This powerful CPU can perform some of the unthinkable actions like built-in Game Boy Advance (GBA) emulator, powerful Super Nintendo Entertainment System(SNES) Emulator, AVI and DivX video playback.

2012 is going to a fascinating year as far as portable games are concerned. This time 3 DS has finally hit the stride as there are number of potential gamers that want to play games during their free time. Over the few years mobile gaming industry has changed a lot. This is because it has opened up many avenues on technical level. One can say that it is a toy box of input opportunities. Millions around the world play portable games because people like to love in virtual world.

Supercard DSTWO has an in-built CPU designed for Nintendo, DS, DS lite, DSi and DSiXL.With the help of this flashcart you can store an array of games, play media and run applications directly from device. It has a well updated flashcard which gives a new update every month. The operating system of flashcard is about 50 MB. It can emulate GPU and is known for its powerful functions.

This flashcard has become hype in gaming industry since its release in May 18, 2010. But its make has gained some controversy because of the way the cartridges have been designed. No doubt it is much sturdier than a rock. There is also a random screw which is on the right corner of the cart. DStwo can fit awkwardly into the NDS slot on Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi. It seems as it has been forced with some vigor than normal.