Be Ready for Emergencies – Have a Spare Phone

Hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, flash floods – all unpredictable and wreak havoc.  They used to be far and few in between but it seems that nature’s vengeance against our neglect is furious.  Almost every week, we hear of a natural calamity striking somewhere around the globe.  Add to nature’s fury is man’s evil with bombings, fires set by arson, and shootings also occurring worldwide.

It is because of these unpredictable events that every household and establishment now makes sure that they have their own emergency kits ready and within reach when disaster strikes. As important as food, medicines, and clothing are in an emergency kit, an emergency phone is also an essential part of it.  Mobile phones do come in handy during emergencies but they also become useless when the battery is drained and no power supply is available.

Fortunately, XPAL Power has come up with SpareOne, an emergency phone that runs on AA batteries, works even without a SIM car, and can be geo-located. It has a shelf life of 15 years so you can keep one in your emergency kit without worrying about its power being drained or the phone itself being rendered useless in storage. The SpareOne comes with an Energizer Ultimate Lithium L91 battery already inserted in the phone but with an isolator tab.  It has its own iPhone PIN, a Micro-SIM Adapter, a user manual all packed with the SpareOne inside a waterproof bag.

With a SIM Card, it can be used as a spare phone.  Although you can’t use it to receive or to send text messages, its auto text reply function sends an automatic response to incoming messages informing the sender that you can only be reached thru phone calls. You can also pre-program up to nine important numbers.  Even without any SIM card, SpareOne can still be used for emergency calls.  Its one-touch emergency services buttons enable you to call 911 or other emergency hotlines during emergency or medical situations – again, even with no SIM. Aside from the 10 hours talk time, SpareOne is also equipped with a LED torch light that can last up to 24 hours. The phone unit itself looks very unassuming, but it certainly has all the features you need in an emergency phone.

Spare One emergency phones are available in either 850/1900mhz or 900/1800 mhz so they can be used anywhere in the world.  If you are unsure which GSM band is right for your location, the website has a map that indicates which one you should opt for based on your location.

Disasters strike anywhere anytime.  We cannot predict when they would occur but we could equip ourselves with the necessary tools that can aid us during emergency situations.  Make sure that you have your own emergency kit and that it includes an emergency phone that could prove invaluable when disaster does strike.

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