MUPS: Perfect Fit for Every Outfit

My work necessitates long days on the field trying to catch the latest scoop and to have first beat of breaking news.  As such, my stilettos are brought out of the closet only for formal dinners I occasionally attend.  During work, flats are my best friends. This is why I love the selection of flats from MUPS Shoes.

MUPS is the very first full line of customizable shoes that allows a woman to have a pair of footwear that matches every outfit without having dozens of shoes she’d only wear once.  Along with their well-crafted shoe wear featuring varied styles and colors is a gamut of ornaments and appliqués that can transform each pair of shoe into a different style.

For my first MUPS (yes, I do plan to purchase other pairs), I chose the Madison which has a polished ballet finish.  Its leather upper, lining, and insole give it an elegant finish and a comfortable feel.  The sole is made of rubber which provides good grip while walking – which I do a lot during work.

Like all MUPS shoes, the Madison comes with a heart-shaped Velcro that securely holds your ornament of choice.  This particular shoe design comes with two ornaments: a Square Bow and a Flat Disc.  You can create more looks for this pair of Mups with dozens of ornaments available.

From the quirky to the elegant, the vast selection of ornaments ensures that you can take this pair from work, to day-outs with the kids, and even to dinners with your colleagues.  They’re quite comfortable that I’m thinking of buying my daughter and I matching navy Carleys which come in both women’s and kids’ sizes.

My new MUPS shoes are so versatile that I don’t have to worry anymore about not having any shoes to match my outfit.  The best thing about them is that my colleagues don’t even notice that I’ve been wearing the same pair of shoes the entire week.  Now I don’t need a closet full of shoes, all I need is a small caboodle to organize all my MUPS ornaments.

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