UPERE Aster: A Different Kind of Wedge

Who says that wedges are supposed to be girly and feminine?  And who says that sneakers have to be boring? You can have an edgy take on conventional wedges and sneakers with the Upere  Wedge Sneakers.

Upere is a recent entrant to the shoe fashion industry, but they have made a distinctive mark with their wedge shoes and wedge sneaker line.  Check out the suede leather navy blue Bayley style.  It’s a fresh new pair that will allow you to strut your style in casual occasions.  Wear them to school, to the mall, or to the dance club.  It’s versatile enough to wear with different types of clothing – but, perhaps not so versatile as to match your evening gowns and cocktail dresses.

In terms of construction, a wedge of course is expected to have some height.  But, looking at this pair from the outside, there is no hint of the 2-inch wedge inside.  The shoe is styled like a sneaker with suede trimmings and a foamed high ankle for support.  It has a comfortable oval toe cap – none of the pointy toes of stilettos.  It fastens easily with three Velcro straps.  For balance and traction, it comes with an anti-slipping rubber sole.

Both the construction and design of this pair give me the chance to be a fashionably cool mom while keeping my feet cool and comfy with my little ones in tow – who says moms can’t be hot enough to walk the streets in footwear other than flip-flops and ballet flats?

Since this pair is in a somewhat neutral shade, I can wear it with different outfits in my wardrobe.  The most common types of bottoms to pair these shoes with are those that fit the body snugly.  Leggings, jeggings, and skinny jeans are great with these shoes.  You can also wear them with denim shorts, mini-skirts and casual mini-dresses in sheer fabric for a country chic look.

Wear it everyday if you like!

To our dear readers, Upere is offering 15% discount to any pairs that you want to buy. Just use the code UPERE. 

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