10 Clever Storage Solutions – Hot Fun Stuffs

If you are limited on space in your home or workplace then you will want to utilize the small amount of space that you have in a way that maximizes how it can be used. All it really takes is a little bit of creativity and some handy man know-how to create some interesting storage solutions. Here are 10 clever storage solutions that others have incorporated into their lives.

Drawers in the Stairs

The space inside the stairs is one that usually would not be utilized but someone came up with the awesome design of having drawers for shoes in each stair which provides a whole heap of extra space.

Pull Out Rotating Kitchen Cupboard

That corner cupboard in the kitchen usually has the annoyingly hard to reach space that means you either put things there and forget about them, or you don’t bother using the space because its so hard to reach. Having a rotating pull out kitchen cupboard allows you to use that space to store things, and be able to access them easily again.

Hooks for Jewellery

Jewellery is one thing that often gets jumbled up in jewellery boxes or is not used because we forget that we have it. Having hooks for jewellery allows you to see your jewellery items so you will probably get more use out of them.

Small Shelf By the Front Door

For people who constantly lose their keys in the house and then have to spend a lot of time looking for them again before they can go out again, a small shelf by the front door is a great idea. You will get in the habit of putting your keys there when you come into the house and always know where they are when you need them again.

Hooks for Pots and Pans in the Kitchen

Having hooks for pots and pans in the kitchen is a great way of freeing up storage space in the cupboards, and allowing for your pots and pans to be hung to air dry after they have been washed.

Storage Under the Stairs

Other interesting ways of using the storage space under the stairs is to have large drawers put in that can be made to fit those irregular shaped areas. This is a great alternative to having a pokey little room under there where it is hard to access things and you need to pull everything out to get to one thing!

Bookshelves in the Stairs

Another stair storage idea is to have bookshelves under there to utilize that irregular space for all your books. These can be made fairly easily if you have a little DIY creativity.

Fold Out Appliance Storage

Some appliances will only be used every so often so you won’t want to have them sitting out on the kitchen bench taking up space. Having a fold out drawer for appliances will mean that they are ready to go and just need to be pulled out and plugged in, rather than lifted out of cupboards.

Under the Sink Storage

Utilising the space under the sink is a must, and can be done via having a shelf put in on the door of the cupboard, or having a rod put along so you are able to hang up your spray bottles to give more space underneath.

Under Bed Storage

Using the space under the bed can be done a few different ways. There are some beds that can fold up like a boot of a car and the whole underneath of the bed can be filled up, or there are different storage containers that fit snugly under bed for easy access to items. For more storage solutions see http://www.fortknoxstorage.com.au/