Fruttare: The Fun Way of Eating Fruits! – Hot Fun Stuffs

Undoubtedly, fruits are essential for a healthy diet. Including substantial servings of fruits in your daily diet helps maintain your overall health and reduces risk of chronic diseases. Some fruits are even believed to protect your body against certain types of cancer. The best thing about fruits is that they can be eaten in a million and one ways. They can be eaten fresh, frozen, as smoothies or fruit shakes, added to stews or salads, churned into ice cream, and served in so many other ways. My favorite, and my kid’s too, would definitely be fruit bars!

On a hot summer day, there’s nothing more refreshing – and healthier – than a delicious frozen fruit bar. I know there are dozens of fruit bars in the market but you have got to try the new Fruttare™ Fruit & Juice bars. You’ll not have any other once you taste that burst of succulent real fruit juice in a Fruttare™. These fruit bars come in four flavours: Mango, Strawberry, Lime and Orange. Mango’s my top pick among the four but won’t pass up on the other three flavours.

Those looking for a creamier treat would love the Fruttare™ Fruit & Milk Bars. Children would absolutely love these delectable frozen treats. Now making sure that they eat their fruits wouldn’t be a struggle coz they’d be asking for these fruit bars every time they can. Like the Fruit & Juice bars, the Fruttare™ Fruit & Milk bars are also bursting with luscious real fruit that’ll leave you craving for more. Creamy milk is added to strawberries, peaches, coconuts, and bananas giving you four different creamy delights to choose from. Do try the coconut and milk variant for that heavenly taste of the tropics.

With this fun way of eating fruits, there really is no reason for you not to have your fruit and eat it too.

Go grab your favorite now!