Medicol Advance TAPOUT PAIN App: Play and Get Rewards! – Hot Fun Stuffs

MEDICOL ADVANCE with IBUFLUID, one of the fastest medications for relieving severe pain, has introduced the said to be one of the country’s first Augmented Reality games of its kind: TAPOUT PAIN.

TAPOUT PAIN is part of MEDICOL ADVANCE’s  way of giving more online rewards for progressive, tech-savvy young adults, especially those who patronizes the product.

Quite challenging, TAPOUT PAIN is nevertheless intuitively simple to play. Using their PCs, tablets or Androids, users must rely on their hand-speed to repeatedly “tap out” various “Pain Monsters” – a very appropriate term indeed, considering how monstrously debilitating severe pain can be.

Each Monster graphically represents a specific yet commonly experienced type of severe pain: SKULLDRILLER for Severe Headache, BRAINLEECH for Migraine, CRAMPZILLA for Dysmenorrhea and MAGMATOOTH for Toothache. Naturally, the augmented-reality “killing” weapon is the same as the real one: the Ibufluid MEDICOL ADVANCE gel capsule.

How To Experience The Fun and Get Rewards?

Players just have to initially purchase specially marked MEDICOL ADVANCE 5’s Pack at Mercury Drugstore and Watsons Pharmacy. Then, they should register at, enter the scratch code found on the Ibufluid MEDICOL ADVANCE 5’s pack, scan the special TAPOUT PAIN barcode to unleash one of the Pain Monsters, and it’s game on!

Every time you get to eliminate the Pain Monsters you earn points which you can accumulate to exchange for lifestyle rewards like an iPad, camera, overnight hotel stay, and much more! The higher the points, the bigger the rewards!

TAPOUT PAIN’s design allows it to be fun, engaging, rewarding, and informative all at the same time.

Attractive full-color graphics promise visually stimulating eye-candy throughout the gameplay. The user is continuously challenged to take on ever-quicker reaction-time levels, but is well rewarded for his or her efforts thanks to the attractive lifestyle rewards! And, of course, the more the user plays, the more he or she becomes aware of the various types of severe pain that Ibufluid MEDICOL ADVANCE can quickly relieve.

TRIPLE ACTION: Have Fun. Get Rewards. Kill The Pain.