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So you are carrying a few extra pounds, and the very idea of trying to pull off a pair of skinny jeans makes you laugh and think how lucky those thin girls are. Ladies with curves, it is time you turned the tables. Instead of nursing your jealousy and disgust of those skinny minis, let’s talk about how you can pull off the skinny jean style without having to start some crazy diet. Here are some tips and tricks to get you started.

Bulge Placement

Let’s start with the tummy. If you have a little extra across there, you’re going to want to avoid both low-rise and high-waist skinny jeans. A low-rise jean is sure to give you a muffin top, and high-waist skinnies will just make that tummy bulge more obvious. The cut you will want to invest in is the mid-rise. The waistband of a mid-rise should hit you right between your belly button and your hip bone and will help camouflage your tummy.

Look for a pair that is crafted with a little spandex in the material so that there is some give. For your top half, pair your skinny jeans with a body-skimming top that’s loose around the tummy. You will want to avoid a fitted top at all costs.

Leading The Eyes

Perhaps you are a woman with generous hips. You have tried on skinny jeans before and felt ridiculous because they made your bum look huge. If this is you, the magic is all in the accessorizing. First, you should always wear your skinny jeans with a pair of heels. Heels will help create some lift and draw attention away from your hips by really emphasizing how the skinny jeans hug your lower leg. When choosing a top, skip the t-shirt or tank top. Instead, go for long tops that will glide over your hips and provide some concealment. If you have chosen a top that accentuates your waist or your bust, pair it with a skinny belt to draw more attention to your waist. Always remember the tight and baggy rule. This rule is simple. If you are wearing tight jeans, pair it with a loose top and vice versa.

Tone It Down

For the woman with both generous hips and a generous bust, skinny jeans can make you look bottom heavy because of the emphasis it draws to the lower half of your body. You can follow most of the rules for a woman with generous hips from the previous paragraph with a few adjustments. Firstly, you’re allowed to break the tight and baggy rule. Your bust will compensate nicely for the size of your hips. Just remember that you should stay away from tops that are too short, and always wear a top that will flow over your hips to help minimize their size. Another great thing you can do to equalize your appearance and spread the weight around visually is to dress monochromatically. Wearing the same colour from top to bottom can really help slim you. Try pairing black skinny jeans with a long, flowing dark grey top, a classy pair of black heels, and a black blazer. You will look instantly thinner.

Top Heavy Tips

Finally, for the women who has all her weight in her bust and upper body, you might have found you can wear skinny jeans, but they make the top half of your body look significantly bigger than the lower half. To pull off the skinny jeans look you need to make your bottom half look larger not smaller. One tip is to look for skinny jeans that have big pockets. These will make your rear look larger and is the first step to balancing things out. Secondly, you are going to want to avoid tops that draw attention to your upper half.

Avoid anything with detail around the bust or showy prints. Your best bet is a plain blouse or shirt in a dark colour. The dark colour and lack of detail will help minimize the visual size of your upper half and draw attention back down to those gorgeous skinny jeans.

You now have all the keys you need to start wearing skinny jeans with flair regardless of where you happen to be carrying a little extra weight. Give it a go, and show those thin girls how amazing a curvy woman can look in this style.

About the author:  

Megan Barnes is a curvy style guru. She especially enjoys turning trendy fashion in flattering looks for women of any size.