Vacuum Cleaners: Cylinder vs. Upright? – Hot Fun Stuffs

A good vacuum cleaner doesn’t need to be difficult to find though it’s best to make some decisions early on to make the process even easier. The main decision would be whether to go for an upright or a cylinder cleaner and whilst an upright cleaner may work for some people, it won’t for others. It’s best to work out which will be more beneficial before obtaining a product you are not happy with.


The weight of a vacuum cleaner can obviously differ depending on brand and style, however it is known that most upright vacuums are heavier, especially as the user needs to move the entire appliance to use it. A cylinder vacuum has a lightweight hose and head attachment which is controlled by the user and means that the main vacuum doesn’t need to be moved much whilst the cleaning process is underway. The floor bears most of the weight and because of that it is not as heavy for the user. If weight is an issue, cylinder vacuum cleaners will likely be the more sensible option; lightweight upright options are available but sometimes this can affect the power of the suction and usually means that the additional attachments for stairs and other accessories aren’t offered.


With an upright vacuum cleaner there are fewer hoses and wires to get tangled around furniture, or your own legs. The wire to the plug socket – should there be one though some vacuums now come as wireless appliances – can usually be held comfortably against the handle of the machine, preventing it from getting in the way. A cylinder tub can be quite bulky and more difficult to control, however the hose can reach more places, be more effective on upholstery and less awkward when it comes to stairs or other narrow spaces.

Force on dirtier surfaces

The hose on a cylinder vacuum allows for more pressure to be put onto the floor when hovering, which usually results in a very clean carpet. An upright vacuum cannot have additional pressure put onto it but the suction force on an upright is usually better as the motor is closer to the carpet and the suction doesn’t have to be feed through a long hose. The wattage power behind the vacuum needs to be higher with a cylinder vacuum to ensure it has better cleaning capabilities, yet due to the proximity of the motor and the dirt storage on an upright cleaner a higher wattage isn’t as important.


With less floor space taken up and often coming with brackets for attachments, upright vacuum cleaners usually store better and there will be no tripping over a hose head which is sticking a foot out from where the cleaner is stored. When it comes to putting the vacuum cleaner away retractable cords are a great solution as they are quick and easy. Cylinder Vacuums are more likely than their upright equivalents to come with retractable cords, the latter more often having cords which need to be wrapped around the appliance manually.

With a wide range of vacuum cleaners available it’s not going to be difficult to find your perfect one. With these tips you should have a better idea of what will work for you and your home, now all that is left is to find one in your price range and make the other big decisions such as bagged or unbagged and what colour to go for.