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If you’re aiming to get back in shape, here’s an inspiring story for you.

Ethan Manzano, a 29-year old certified public accountant and audit manager shared with us his weight-loss journey.

“Two years ago, I used to weigh around 205 lbs., “ he said.  “It was about that time that I agreed to try out Natur House Philippines, which was just about to be formally launched then.”   

He admitted that it might take some time before he could lose the 20 lbs. that he hoped to lose. However with patience, passion, drive and determination, he was able to achieve his ideal weight of 175 lbs, which is proportional to his height of 5’8”.

He recalled during his college days, he had a fit body when he still had the time to play basketball and engage in other physical activities. When he started to work, he noticed that his metabolism slowed down and his busy schedule made it difficult for him to engage in sports.  His stressful environment also proved to be the reason why he turned to eating as a way to come with stress.

Good for him, he was able to discover food supplements of Natur House, a global brand with more than 2000 outlets worldwide . Naturhouse was more than a food supplement. With the aid of their personalized nutritionists, Ethan was introduced to a healthier lifestyle.

Every week, while Ethan was on the weight-loss challenge program, he was told to engage in physical activities like brisk walking and jogging and to strictly follow a diet regimen which was changed every week, depending on the results of his body to the diet.

For the first week, he only ate fruits, vegetables, cereals, white meat and drank two liters of water every day.  These and with the help of food supplements in the form of tablets and liquids provided for him by NaturHouse that week and with exercise, Manzano lost 5 pounds in just one week. Amazing!

In the second week, his diet was almost the same and he was given a new set of supplements. On the third week, he was allowed to eat fish, pork and beef with less oil and half a cup of rice during lunch.  Finally, on the fourth week, he was allowed to eat anything and everything, albeit in moderation.  On the last day after he was allowed to eat anything, he was asked to take a crash diet of just eating three mangoes or a big watermelon for one day.  The following week, his diet was back to normal where he could eat anything in moderation with the right food supplements from NaturHouse.

“What makes Natur House unique from the other weight-loss centers in the market is that it is not only a food store but it provides a personalized service based on the clients’ body weight or structure,” says Rick Cabanban, Natur House Philippines Project Leader.

Natur House, located at SM North EDSA in Quezon City, provides the client with the assistance of a licensed dietitian and nutritionist inside the store who gives a free assessment.

“They create a personalized diet plan and recommend the food supplements based on the assessment. These nutritionists tailor-fit the diet and the supplements based on the needs of the clients and they don’t believe in single supplement. They encourage variety, ” he explains.

Consulting a nutritionist at Natur House is free of charge. Usually, a nutritionist at a medical center who will give you a diet plan will cost you around P1,500, that’s for a trial program only.

“It is expensive to consult a nutritionist, but now it can be achieved. Our target markets are B and C. During the cost of the method or program system, say the problem is four kilos overweight, we guarantee .6 to one kilo loss weight. So another two months for stabilization (maintenance), that would cost roughly P1,125 per week. That is still cheap as compared to other slimming programs. Here, you just spend 15 minutes per week to a nutritionist who will recommend you the right products,” he says.

Filipinos are really health-conscious. However, they don’t know the food supplements to be considered. “Most of us have the tendency to self-medicate. Sometimes we starve ourselves and when we don’t see the results, we get frustrated. In Natur House, the nutritionist calls the client to check. If there’s any problem, we restructure everything,” Cabanban says. Natur House also encourages its clients to eat five meals a day. During maintenance period, the client goes back to regular eating method.”By that time, the clients’ body has already gotten use to eating in small portions and everything in moderation.”

A global health brand with more than 2,000 outlets worldwide and over four million clients, Natur House has finally reached the Philippines, the foreign company’s first venture in Asia. It is also planning to open 140 stores nationwide, either company or franchised-owned.

One of the best-selling products at Natur House is the Garcinia Cambogia food supplement from the highest quality plants in Asia which contains an extract called Hydroxcitric Acid (HCA) which blocks fat development by inhibiting the enzyme ATP citrate lyase from converting carbohydrates into fat. When we eat too much carbs and sugars, the body just puts these away as fat. The  fat-making process is halted by the HCA in Garcinia Cambogia. Cholesterol is a result of having too much sugar and fat in one’s diet,” said Cabanban.

“Our price range is comparable with other food supplements in the market. The idea is we have the same objective but to get a free nutritionist is an added feature. Natur House does not require any franchise fee when you want to open a business selling our products.  Our advocacy is healthy eating and provide jobs for nutritionists,” adds Cabanban.

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