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It’s high time that we patronize organic food and drinks. Not just they are healthy but we are also helping the environment. To start with, join our giveaway as we offer organic stuff as prizes!

Welcome to the California Oranges Giveaway Event, hosted by Happy Mothering. During this giveaway, we’ll be giving away a gift box filled with goodies valued at approximately $100!

This gift box will include:

Certified Organic Oranges

Tangerine Balsamic Vinegar

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It will always be an interesting and exciting fact, especially for younger generations, on learning how Jesus Christ was born and live as a normal person.

There are testimonies which were passed from generations to generations and bible and books were published to present how our Christ came into our world to save us.

We have learned that Jesus Christ was born in a humble manger in Bethlehem in Judea. Historians may have different versions on where exactly Jesus was born but one thing is very right, a savior came and never walked away.

About Heart of Grace Cross

It’s a blessing to receive a jewelry from Holy Land. Just the touch of it made me proud to be a Christian. Heart of Grace Cross is a beauty that will always remind me to believe that a savior is alive and embracing those who may or may not believe in Him. A reminder to live in Christian way.

Unboxing a Holy gift.

Wearing a Holy Land jewelry is also a way of pronouncing your religion and encouraging others to believe in Him.

This cross is both lovely and unusual, a modern pendant with an old-world feel. The design of a heart carefully placed at the center of the cross symbolizes that the love of Christ is within our hearts forevermore. But that’s not all – a Nativity Stone has been carefully set within the heart! You will have the opportunity to share the story of Jesus’ miraculous birth, when people ask about the stone. How excited they will be to hear that the stone is an authentic Nativity Stone that was excavated just feet away from the star that marks Christ’s birthplace in the Manger Room in the Cave of the Nativity.

Where Nativity Stone Came From?

In 1963, a wall was excavated in the Manger Room of the Cave of the Nativity in Bethlehem, just a few feet away from the star that now marks the birthplace of our Lord, Jesus Christ. The stones excavated from that one-time renovation were given to a well-known philanthropist in the USA. Known as the Nativity Stones, these stones have been authenticated by authorities in the Holy Land and at the Vatican.

A Beautiful Gift

Nativity Stones were carefully set in exquisite pendants to wear close to your heart. Regardless of it’s price, Christian jewelry products made with Nativity Stones are great gift to your loved ones or to yourself!

Included with your order for each pendant: 22″ Rope Chain, Certificate of Authenticity, Explanatory Booklet.

Where To Buy?

Heart of Grace Cross and more of its kind are available at The Holy Land Mall (established in 2010), an Israeli company based in Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Tel Aviv and now with offices and representation in the Philippines to serve their customers far more better! They see it as an obligation to share those wonderful treasures from the Holy Land with other believers around the world. The Holy Land Mall jewelry articles have a unique story, and a unique power, as they are stones from the historic and holy places of Israel, the homeland of Jesus Christ.

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