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Sometimes your email was flooded with numerous surveys. And if you are in the mood, you will answer them all, especially if the questions interests you and does not compelled you to divulge anything confidential or too personal information.

Answering surveys can be really fun and informative too. But the great news is that you can make money through paid surveys too! Yes, just by answering surveys online, you can earn money. No sweat, right?

There are a lot of paid survey sites that you can join and start getting paid. However, be careful against scammers. Remember to check the background of the site that offers paid surveys. Search first if there are reviews about that firm and weigh carefully before accomplishing anything for them. Otherwise, you will waste a lot of time and effort answering the surveys but will not be paid in the future. And the most secure way of receiving payments is through Paypal but  you may accept checks especially if the survey firm is within your locality.

Again, do not take the risk of divulging too much details about you in answering surveys , especially on financial matters. Some questions can be tricky, so read it with keen comprehension.

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Some might find blogging as just a tool for self-expressions, an online diary which sometimes kept in a private setting. But nowadays, blogging is more than that, as it became a very convenient medium in promoting business’ image. Overwhelmingly, many companies now consider the blogosphere and social media as effective way in spreading words about their services, globally.

I was once a newbie blogger but of course, still learning along the way. For beginners, it will be a little difficult and confusing to start a blog, especially if you are creating a self-hosted own domain. But eventually, blogging will be the most enjoyable and profitable hobby, and admittedly, I got addicted to it.

For starters, you can create a blog using free platforms such as Blogger, WordPress.com, or Tumbler. Simply register with your email address, choose a theme, customize it, then write your very first article. Prior to that, you must first think of a niche that you are best in writing (expressing) and that you can sustain updating it regularly as it will also help in building credibility and higher page ranking in Google of your site.

A lot of patience is needed if you are aiming to make profit of your blog. Always remember these three important factors to make your blogging successful: develop a pleasing website appearance, share quality and original contents, and use effective promotional tools for your articles.