Giveaway: $100 Amazon GC (or Paypal)

If you’re aiming online presence for your business, there’s a website which can guide you through. Read more what the author of Canada US Win and Save blog has to say about GetShop and join the giveaway too!

GetShop allows you to build your own online store in minutes with a very simple live site editor and then sell products to customers using an integrated shopping cart system that allows customers to pay by papal or link with various merchant accounts for visa/mastercard.

Build Your Site Edit your site in real time with our row and cell based editing system. This allows you to put things where you want them simply and easily. Select how many cells and the default appearance of them you want in a row. You can add as many rows as you like! You can now add one of our many applications to each cell.

Images, text, youtube videos, google maps and much more! Each cell can contain even more layouts of smaller cells, giving you the power to place your content where you want it! The best part about our system is advanced users can edit CSS throughout parts of the site. This allows those that have the knowledge to fine tune their site to make awesome creations.


To commemorate the launch of GetShop in North America, Getshop is giving away $100 Paypal Cash OR Amazon Gift Card!

1st prize- 100$ Amazon or Paypal cash thanks to GetShop
2nd prize- 50.00 Amazon or paypal thanks to Your Contests USA

Open to USA/CAN 18+ only. Ends May 15, 2015. One person per household.