July 2013 – Hot Fun Stuffs

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This contest aims to promote water conservation.

It will be A CHALLENGE to all participants to prove that they can LOWER their WATER BILL within a month by applying all water conservation tips they may have learned.

Challengers must submit their water bill details or scanned copy BEFORE and AFTER joining the contest for us to determine the difference of their water consumption.

Challengers can use PHOTOS, VIDEOS and other creative ways of presenting WATER CONSERVATION TIPS and how they apply it in their everyday consumption.

Submission of entries will be from August 1 to September 15, 2013.


The winner will receive P5,000 cash.
She/He must be willing to meet the sponsors to receive the prize. But if the winner is not a residence of Metro Manila, she/he must have a bank account.


1. Most LOWERED Water Bill (after a month of applying conservation tips) – 60%
2. ORIGINALITY and CREATIVITY of entries – 30%
3. Entry promotion (number of valid likes, shares, comments) – 10%


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