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Cool down. Relax. Never mind if the traffic congestion thickens; never mind if the afternoon heat rises to unbearable temperatures.

As long as the heart of your car’s engine bay is powered by an Evercool radiator, you can breathe easy.

This is the assurance that Roberts Automotive and Industrial Parts Manufacturing Corporation (Roberts AIPMC) provides as it continues to supply Evercool, the Philippines’ leading line of automotive and industrial radiators. Stamped with cutting-edge technology, built to international manufacturing standards, and engineered for maximum cooling efficiency, Evercool radiators are uniquely designed to perform under extreme conditions, thus preventing engines—and tempers—from ever overheating.

Roberts AIPMC launched the first Evercool in 1993, and it has since expanded the product catalog to 350 models of high-quality radiators. Each of these is certified 100 percent leak-free and reflects the excellence of the company’s ISO 9001:2008-certified quality management system, which is strengthened by an international-standard manufacturing process that subjects all the radiators to several rigorous quality control and durability tests: leak tests, jig fit tests, prolonged vibration tests, high loads of pressure tests, and long-distance road tests—all conducted at Roberts AIPMC’s 1,300-sqm. manufacturing plant at the Canlubang Industrial Estate in Cabuyao, Laguna.

It’s a system that has worked since day one, and continues to please the company’s clients in both the local and international markets. The recognition given to the Evercool brand by original equipment manufacturer (OEM) assemblers like Mitsubishi Motors Philippines, Isuzu Philippines, Columbian Motors and Pilipinas Hino —to name a few industry clients—thus comes as no surprise to Roberts AIPMC, which traces its roots to the RGC Group of Companies, the same industrial giant responsible for creating the hugely popular Uratex brand of polyurethane foams and exquisite mattresses.

Of course, the RGC Group of Companies isn’t just about mattresses and radiators; it actually stands as an industrial giant with diversified businesses that represent the plastic, food packaging, textile, metal-engineered products, spring, and lamination industries. But if there is anything that connects Evercool and Uratex, it is that both brands are known for their credibility, reliability, and affordability: signature qualities that give peace of mind to customers who, whether they’re going to bed or hitting the road, simply seek the best possible value for their money, plus all the simple joys and conveniences that money cannot buy.

Joys like a smooth drive, without car parts faltering, and conveniences such as the extra protection that Evercool provides from radiator leaks, cracked tanks, damaged fans, and squandered pesos. Roberts AIPMC also offers a strong warranty protecting each radiator against defects, as well as a wide range of service solutions—including radiator assembly, special fabrication, supply of core, and “recoring” services—delivered by highly trained professionals whose ultimate goal is to maximize the performance of Evercool, while minimizing all sorts of hassles and worries.

That way, vehicle owners can stay cool. Relax. Not trouble themselves over engines possibly heating up and breaking down amidst hot, harsh environments. Thanks to Evercool radiators, the road from here to the next stop is a smooth and peaceful one.

For more about Evercool radiators, visit www.roberts.com.ph.

Disclaimer: This post is an official Press Release by Roberts AIPMC. The author of this blog is not responsible to any of the content above.

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Out with the old, in with the new—at least when it comes to replacement auto parts.

That’s the expert advice given by Michael Gonzalez, General Manager of Roberts Automotive and Industrial Parts Manufacturing Corporation (RAIPMC). Recognizing the tendency of car owners to opt for surplus items whenever a part needs replacing, he is quick to caution that “cheap and used” do not often deliver the same bottomline value as “brand new.”

“The savings that one supposedly makes by buying surplus products may all be illusory,” Gonzalez asserts. “There is nothing practical about a second-hand auto part of unknown origin, with no warranty, and with no indication of how much is left of the product life cycle.”

To help steer car owners into making genuinely value-driven decisions, Roberts AIPMC is thus working continuously to supply a diverse range of high-quality and cost-effective automotive products. This includes the company’s Tiger leaf springs brand, which was launched in 1994 and has since been established as the only locally manufactured leaf spring trusted by original equipment manufacturers (OEM) like Mitsubishi Motors Philippines, Toyota Motors, Isuzu Philippines Corporation, Columbian Motors, Nissan/Universal Motors Corporation (manufacturer and distributor of Nissan light utility vehicles), and Pilipinas Hino.

But Tiger isn’t just for the big industry names, Gonzalez points out. It’s also for individual vehicle owners who may sometimes express reluctance at spending a little extra on a brand new replacement part, but won’t hesitate to seize every opportunity to get the best possible value for their money.

Tiger represents one such opportunity. Unlike surplus or substandard leaf springs (or molye in Tagalog)—which may sag, break, or crack under heavy duty and extreme driving conditions—Tiger leaf springs are engineered to deliver maximum strength and durability, while helping spread passenger or cargo load more widely and effectively over the vehicle’s chassis. All this, then, contributes to enhanced steering stability, better handling, and improved passenger comfort.

According to Gonzalez, the immediate positive impact that a new Tiger leaf spring assembly makes on a vehicle’s suspension system is what sets the brand apart from the competition. He adds, “Our company always strives to meet international manufacturing standards, and it’s good to know that our efforts translate directly into a better, smoother road experience for our clients.”

RAIPMC’s product catalog for Tiger includes conventional and parabolic types, and covers all kinds of automotive applications—for cars, buses, shuttles, jeepneys, tricycles, cargo trucks, tankers, mixers, delivery vans, pickups, utility vehicles, and more. By following an ISO 9001:2008-certified quality management system, and by subjecting each Tiger to a series of extensive load, hardness, and durability tests, the company is consistently able to develop OEM-quality leaf springs at a rate of approximately 600 tons per month.

Of course, at RAIPMC’s 1,300-sqm. manufacturing plant in Cabuyao Laguna, quality tops quantity at all times. It is this example that Gonzales hopes more car owners will soon follow. “When it comes to leaf springs, or some other priority component of the car,” he says, “don’t go for what’s cheaper. Go for what’s better.”

For more details about Roberts Automotive and Industrial Parts Manufacturing Corp. (RAIPMC), visit www.roberts.com.ph.

Disclaimer: This post is an official Press Release by Roberts AIPMC. The author of this blog is not responsible to any of the content above.