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Family, work, health, relationships self … sometimes, it can seem impossible to be successful in one aspect of your life without sacrificing another. How many mothers have been torn between their career and their children? How many have taken their health forgranted as they struggled to climb the corporate ladder? If you too are having a difficult time enjoying a well-balanced life, here are two things you can start doing NOW to jumpstart your way to balanced living:

Think Positive, Stress Less

How many times have you been told to think positive when you’re overwhelmed by work or by worries? Plenty of times, I bet! This is because positive thinking really does keep stress away. By focusing on happy thoughts, you achieve a sense of clarity and become more focused with what needs to be accomplished. Every day, start your morning with a positive thought and reinforce it with happy thoughts throughout the day. It’s really very easy to find something to be happy about even in the midst of a chaotic work or home environment. Make a habit out of it and you’ll never stress about anything ever.

Eat Healthy and Stay Fit

Keep yourself fit and healthy with proper diet and regular exercise. When you’re physically fit, it’ll be much easier to look after your emotional well-being. Studies even show that those who exercise regularly are happier and less anxious. Studies also show that happiness and exercise boost the immune system and help release endorphins.

These may seem to be focused on keeping yourself well and happy. You must understand though that to have a healthy relationship with others – whether with family, friends, or colleagues – you must have high self-esteem and a happy disposition. Start with these keeping yourself happy and fit, and everything else will fall into place.

And while pushing for that discipline, you need a partner who can provide you effective wellness program like PhilCare 360.

PhilCare360 is a program which not only provides excellent medical benefits to members, it is also designed to motivate people to take on an active lifestyle. What it wants is to let people achieve a holistic state of health, or what we call wellness. In tangible terms, apart from the providing benefits, PhilCare will launch projects such as corporate and public workout sessions, healthy eating programs, and the likes.

A wellness box provided by PhilCare 360 inspired me to be more health conscious.

And not just for individual consideration, employees’ wellness should also be the priority of companies. Companies that promote wellness can also look forward to better productivity. A healthy and motivated set of staff results in less absenteeism, greater focus, reduced overtime, and an overall culture of creativity and professionalism.

Taking note of a study by National Business Group on Health in the US has affirmed the thought that wellness programs both reduce increase productivity at the same time increase savings for companies. In fact, the same study said that for every every $1 a company puts into corporate wellness programs, $3 is saved through decreased sick days, increased worker productivity and employee retention.

In the Philippines, the need to improve workforce productivity has become a matter of necessity, something that every company should strive to achieve. This is because the country still lags behind its neighbors in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) in labor productivity, according to the International Labor Organization citing separate studies conducted from 2005 to 2010.

When it comes to wellness, thousands of companies and individuals choose PhilCare as their partner in their decision to attain a healthier quality of life. This is because PhilCare pioneers in products and services that are meant to help people reach total wellness — a sound mind, an active and fit body, and a positive disposition.

When you sign up to be member of PhilCare, you also become part of comprehensive and well-rounded health care initiatives and wellness programs brought to you by their carefully-selected roster of health partners.

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