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When a business reaches a level of maturity that necessitates a common vehicle, it’s an exciting time, signifying successful growth and the possibility of reaching more places, dealing with bigger clients and representing the company with a sleek new purchase. While some people use cars to travel from A to B without lending much thought to what their choice says about them, a business owner must be more discerning – there are so many choices to make. To brand or not to brand? Automatic or manual? Luxury or functional? Who drives and when? Should certain rules be applied and do we require fuel records? Do we require one, two, three, or four? Will a fleet deal be advantageous? Some of these questions can’t be answered in any online article. Others, however, can, as you’ll see below.

Luxury or Function

Comfort is important to everybody, whether they’re driving to and from work, or travelling to sign the next big break in the business. Little extras like heated seats, air con, navigation and a decent sound system can mean the difference between a calm, cool professional and a frazzled mess at the end of the line. Though we’re hardly suggesting you order three or four Mercedes Benz with all the trimmings, looking into the best deals for your needs won’t go astray. Big brands offer a range of mid-range cars, complete with a luxury veneer, without the price-tag. Suggestion: VW Golf 2013

Consider: Mazda 3 2013

Your vehicle needs are determined by the size of your business. Long past are the days where corporate giants dominated the fleet field, as Australian badges adjust to our entrepreneur lifestyle. Ford Business Solutions, for example, offers business centric packages for a range of organisational models, packed with features like Road Side Assistance and customer discounts. There are several inviting options out there, so don’t think your business is limited by its size. Small giants CAN reign supreme.

Business owners are a practical group, exploring the long term implications of any purchase before investing another twenty large into a vehicle. While going the distance is at the forefront of a savvy buyers mind, business owners must also consider branding – Will it be identifiable? Will the car in question be used as a zippy billboard? If so, to what extent? Should the car be a specific color to correlate with the company image? What about custom licence plates? Motorists are not restricted to one segment of society; advertising a website, phone number, business name and email address, alongside a snappy logo and an attractively colored car will stick to the minds of at least five people. While they might not register a call themselves, they may know somebody who will. Word of mouth, the slowest social media in the world, is highly successful.

Nobody can tell you which car will suit your business. Fuel economy, carbon footprints and space are all natural criteria entries for discerning buyers. Talk to your local dealership representative, be honest about your needs and don’t accept anything less than what you desire. Your car will represent your business.

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